Om oss (på engelska)

In 2003 we (Peter and Erica Friebel) founded HuskyGård. The company offered husky tours and other outdoor experiences. We started to offer courses in bushcraft survival. At that time we also started The HuskyGård Hammock & Bushcraft Store, a web shop specialized in outdoor and survival products.

In 2011 Peter moved our courses and workshops in tracking and natural awareness in to a new company called VaraVild. Today, VaraVild focuses on natural awareness and self-enquiry. Erica, meanwhile, had become a certified TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practitioner and massage therapist for dogs. (You can find her blog here: TCM4DOGS.)

Gradually we felt that besides the practical and technical products we offer in The HuskyGård Hammock & Bushcraft Store there was a demand for different types of products and services. This insight came through our experiences in VaraVild and the work done with TCM. These products and services are more directed towards 'being' instead of 'becoming'.

In 2017 we started The Happy Earth Shop. In this shop we offer products for the joyful self: products for fun, adornment and enjoyment (Lifestyle & Design), products to support your daily spiritual practices (Spirituality) and products supporting healing and wellbeing for all beings (Healing & Health).

We also want to help bring people with shared interests together. This can be for study, communion or any type of event that we think is relevant for our customer base. That is why under Wisdom & Events we offer information products and services as well as events. These products, services and events will be offered through us and our partners.

We hope that you will enjoy The Happy Earth Shop and also that you will experience and participate in the feeling of community we try to imbue it with.


Have a great day!

Peter & Erica Friebel

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